HIV does not = AIDS?


grassroot66 asked:

Anyone can expand on this notion I keep on hearing about lately…?

“AIDS – The good news is HIV does not cause it. The bad news is “recreational drugs” and medical treatments like AZT do.” Peter Duesberg, Ph.D. and John Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D.

“The HIV-causes-AIDS dogma represents the grandest and perhaps the most morally destructive fraud that has ever been perpetrated on young men and women of the Western world (…) AIDS has been a disease of definition. If we said that it didn’t exist and didn’t pay for it with taxpayers’ money, it would disappear in the background of normal mortality (…)I feel that for scientists to remain silent in the face of all this doubt is tantamount to criminal negligence.” Dr. Charles Thomas, Molecular Biologist and former Harvard and Johns Hopkins Professor.

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I have no idea why money is being wasted in this kind of research. Don’t get me wrong, steps should be taken to find out if one causes the other. In that way a cure can be found. Studies like these strengthen this notion that those affected are a-moral people and deserve this. So not true. There’s real people that are dying not just for this but from lies that so called experts and medical professionals tell them. There should be more emphases on teaching transmission, prevention, and the reality that HIV/AIDS is serious. I pray that this won’t be taken as another tool for the half-truth-’professionals’


There will always be rogue scientists who buck the conventional and generally agree upon notions in the field of expertise. These appear to be some in the HIV/AIDS community. Commentary on them includes:

Duesberg’s HIV/AIDS claims are rejected as disproven and incorrect by the scientific community.

The scientific community considers the causative role of HIV to be proven; dissident arguments are felt to be the result of cherry-picking and misrepresentation of predominantly outdated scientific data, with the potential to endanger public health by dissuading people from utilizing proven treatments

Peter D

I am not an MD or PhD, but I do listen to the Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast. They had an epidemiologist (PhD) on who discussed this. She, along with the host (MD) discussed this HIV denial in detail. Apparently these conspiracy theorist guys are total rogues who have zero credibility in the medical and epidemiological fields. In other words, like the 9/11 conspiracy, it is complete bunk.


There is no conspriacy theory, it’s business as usual. (Just think about SARS or Bird Flue)….

This isn’t about science. It’s about belief. In 1984, we chose to believe in HIV/AIDS. In 2007, we can choose not to. It really is that simple.

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