Theories that HIV does not lead to AIDS?


Alexander the Great asked:

If people are saying that HIV does not lead to AIDS, and that it is a mis-diagnosed fraud, then what does cause AIDS? People are also claiming that neither HIV nor AIDS kills you, that it is the medication coctails.. I know that medication and vaccines are very controversial, and I don’t doubt that they are risky, but surely there must have been documented cases of people who had HIV, did NOT take the medicine coctail, progressed into AIDS, and then died, no? If people are claiming that the medicine coctail is what kills people, then why do people who have HIV and DON’T take the medicine coctail still die, or do they not? I don’t get it, the same people that say HIV does not lead to AIDS are saying that HIV can be cured within a few weeks by immune system stimulation.. If HIV doesn’t lead to AIDS, why would there even need to be any concern about stimulating the immune system, why would you worry about HIV at all?
bmwf4n4eva: Yes, but people are saying that HIV does not lead to AIDS.. apparently some top molecular scientists and biochemists around the world have this theory, including a Nobel Prize for chemisty winner, Kary Mullis.
yamnnjr: Its not the doctors who are profiting, but the medicine companies. I am not reading into anything wrong, what I read is what I am passing on to you.. Regardless, I do not believe this hypothesis either, because it is very flawed, but there is a whole organization that is trying to make a case for it.

Apparently the man credited with the discovery of HIV, Dr. Luc Montagnier, says that with a strong immune system you can fight off HIV within weeks time, and that it will never develop into AIDS. What is confusing me is that we have two conflicting views, from some I hear that HIV always developes into AIDS, and it is just a matter of time, yet from the man who discovered HIV I hear that you can completely get rid of it with a strong immune system.

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Truthy McTruth

people are saying that HIV does not lead to AIDS? WHO?? They are no friend to health care…


AIDS can somewhat be understood as a later stage of HIV. So yes, HIV does lead to AIDS. Just because they words dont sound like each other and may sound unrelated, but that doesnt mean anything.

HIV/AIDS does not kill is somewhat true. It decreases your T-cells, and causes immunity to defect. And then other illnesses take the life.


I work with people living with HIV/AIDS for a living. Trust me, HIV causes AIDS. People don’t necessarily die from AIDS, they die from weakened immune systems and the body’s inability to fight off infection. “People” say a lot of things. You shouldn’t believe all that you hear.


i do not know much of this ,so i can not speculate.

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