HIV fundraising fraud?


laruska asked:

I have been raising money for an AIDS walk for a local organization. This AIDS service organization provides a food bank, counseling, support groups, testing, social services and other direct support to clients. Basic social services only.

Some doing the same fundraising have been telling people all the money goes to research and to help find a cure. This agency does NO research and has no medical or scientific staff.

They provide direct services and respite care ONLY!

Is is misrepresentation and fraud to tell people the money goes to research when it only for social services? It is individuals, NOT the organization making this claim.

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You should be honest and forthright to everyone about this. Perhaps the other people doing the fundraising are misinformed.

Heart for Missions

The individiuals are misrepresenting the organization. As long as these individuals are not on the payroll for the organization, it’s to “fire” a volunteer or fund raiser.

Your ultimate goal is all the same, to raise money for a good cause.

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