“The HIV-Causes-AIDS Dogma Represents The Grandest And Perhaps The Most Morally Destructive Fraud?


Latin Techie asked:

that has ever been perpetrated on young men and women of the western world ” ! WOW ? any comments on this ?
source : http://www.virusmyth.net/aids/controversy.htm -foundthis while “surfing” today !

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David B

that ship sailed about 10 years ago. for the ignorant, still a current issue


Hats off !
Amazing work by your online research !

Gentleman, Do you know How amazing developments are saving lives of HIV patients via Alternate Therapies ?


HIV Treated Patients Testimonies

WHY Alternate Therapy ?

What Nature Cure comments at US ?

Check all of these and Reply for more answers


They are basing their claims on 20-year-old debunked junk science.

They claim that AIDS is not caused by HIV but by the medications used to treat HIV infection. And this is patently false.

I personally know several people who were diagnosed with AIDS *BEFORE* taking *ANY* anti-HIV medications. And not ONE of these so-called “dissidents” (people who don’t think HIV causes AIDS) has been able to adequately explain how these people were diagnosed with AIDS if it *wasn’t* from HIV.

The “dissidents” blame AIDS on “environmental factors”, or “Toxins” or “malnutrition” or “Drug use”. But they can not explain how someone who exercises regularly, eats well, doesn’t use recreational drugs, doesn’t “party”, etc. can be diagnosed with AIDS if it isn’t HIV. When asked for the names of the “toxins” which they say causes AIDS, they can *never* provide their names.

HIV causes AIDS. HIV exists. These “dissidents” need to go crawl back into their spider holes…..

Notyour B

That is one of the stupidest things I ever heard !

“young men and women of the western world” ? Wow, then that explains why the disease is most spread in Africa ! Jeeez…

Of course everybody loves to hear that you can avoid every disease on earth just with an organic diet or an “alternative” treatment…

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