laruska asked:

I have been raising money for an AIDS walk for a local organization. This AIDS service organization provides a food bank, counseling, support groups, testing, social services and other direct support to clients. Basic social services only.

Some doing the same fundraising have been telling people all the money goes to research and to help find a cure. This agency does NO research and has no medical or scientific staff.

They provide direct services and respite care ONLY!

Is is misrepresentation and fraud to tell people the money goes to research when it only for social services? It is individuals, NOT the organization making this claim.

Alexander the Great asked:

If people are saying that HIV does not lead to AIDS, and that it is a mis-diagnosed fraud, then what does cause AIDS? People are also claiming that neither HIV nor AIDS kills you, that it is the medication coctails.. I know that medication and vaccines are very controversial, and I don’t doubt that they are risky, but surely there must have been documented cases of people who had HIV, did NOT take the medicine coctail, progressed into AIDS, and then died, no? If people are claiming that the medicine coctail is what kills people, then why do people who have HIV and DON’T take the medicine coctail still die, or do they not? I don’t get it, the same people that say HIV does not lead to AIDS are saying that HIV can be cured within a few weeks by immune system stimulation.. If HIV doesn’t lead to AIDS, why would there even need to be any concern about stimulating the immune system, why would you worry about HIV at all?
bmwf4n4eva: Yes, but people are saying that HIV does not lead to AIDS.. apparently some top molecular scientists and biochemists around the world have this theory, including a Nobel Prize for chemisty winner, Kary Mullis.
yamnnjr: Its not the doctors who are profiting, but the medicine companies. I am not reading into anything wrong, what I read is what I am passing on to you.. Regardless, I do not believe this hypothesis either, because it is very flawed, but there is a whole organization that is trying to make a case for it.

Apparently the man credited with the discovery of HIV, Dr. Luc Montagnier, says that with a strong immune system you can fight off HIV within weeks time, and that it will never develop into AIDS. What is confusing me is that we have two conflicting views, from some I hear that HIV always developes into AIDS, and it is just a matter of time, yet from the man who discovered HIV I hear that you can completely get rid of it with a strong immune system.

grassroot66 asked:

Anyone can expand on this notion I keep on hearing about lately…?

“AIDS – The good news is HIV does not cause it. The bad news is “recreational drugs” and medical treatments like AZT do.” Peter Duesberg, Ph.D. and John Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D.

“The HIV-causes-AIDS dogma represents the grandest and perhaps the most morally destructive fraud that has ever been perpetrated on young men and women of the Western world (…) AIDS has been a disease of definition. If we said that it didn’t exist and didn’t pay for it with taxpayers’ money, it would disappear in the background of normal mortality (…)I feel that for scientists to remain silent in the face of all this doubt is tantamount to criminal negligence.” Dr. Charles Thomas, Molecular Biologist and former Harvard and Johns Hopkins Professor.

Latin Techie asked:

that has ever been perpetrated on young men and women of the western world ” ! WOW ? any comments on this ?
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Are you tired of paying rent on something that you will never really find a way to phone your house? If so, you aren’t alone. That is why a lot of people choose to consider the idea of a condominium instead of renting an apartment for the remainder of the lives.

Choosing to buy new condominium has many advantages over both buying a single family home and renting for life. One of the most notable things that folks love about it is they can select a variety of floor plans when they purchase a condominium which is not yet fully built. It is possible to choose how many bedrooms you want and some other options which you feel will make your life complete. That makes it perfect for the young couple who’s just starting their life families who want more space because it grew larger than they planned, as well as older couples and do not need as much space because their children are grown. Look at option here

Another bonus is the investment. When you purchase new condominiums you’re the owner of that house within that building. It is yours to decorate when life deems which you move on and as you desire to, you’ll be able to sell it so that you just get part of your investment back out of it. The value on a condo doesn’t fall as it does for most single family homes, because you move from an apartment and with it, you never collect cash.

With a condominium you also have your choice of locations. There are new condos popping up all around the world. Most of them are in vacation spots or bigger cities where space may be restricted. Instead of everyone ruining the area with a million houses and spreading out, the option to buy new condominiums allows people to build up.

Most people find possessing a condo to be an excellent thing. Each person has their own reason for feeling they made the most suitable choice in their opinion. However, it is avoided by many people as a viable option because they believe that it’s going to cost more than they can afford. These people don’t recognize this notion could not be farther from the truth. In reality, most individuals who do consider at least exploring the choice shortly understand that it’s a feasible alternative but it does depend on which you want in a home or in a condominium this instance,.

True, there is a fee for you to pay. This fee is to ensure the property as a whole is taken care of maintained. Everyone in the building pays for the upkeep and landscaping. This relieves of having to handle this task the typical homeowner, and ensures the property value will remain high. This fee is frequently lumped in together with the purchase payments in order to barely see it.

You really do considerably less per month than you would for rent to some mortgage when you purchase new condominiums. You’re simply using the choice to basically rent to own your new residence. You might have distinct leasing options to choose from and choose just what you can afford to pay on it.

Other things when you purchase condominiums that are new that may increase the price is the extras that come together with it. If you purchase a condo that has easy use of pools, spas, fitness centers, and other luxury areas within it, your cost may go up to reveal it. Each of these matters need to preserved to ensure they are kept fine looking. Everyone on the property pays for it and it ensures that you do not have to worry about other issues and vandalizing.

Commercial and residential establishments are becoming much more conscious about protection which is fairly noticeable how a revenue of surveillance camera methods have increased through the years. Security cameras come in all shapes and sizes and in various shapes too. But in terms of versatility and convenience, the wireless surveillance system stands out one of the remainder.

Having a radio surveillance camera, there aren’t any wires to fuss with and you do not have to hire a specialist only to have everything set up. Wired security camera systems take a lot of preparation and call for a lot of physical effort through the install process. These are also more prone to being vandalized or tampered, especially when the wires are not hidden correctly.

A modern wireless surveillance camera are now able to be linked to a desktop or notebook computer. This removes the dependence on a DVR (digital video recorder) since recorded events are saved straight to the computer’s hard disc. These wireless methods also include a software to facilitate its installation using the computer and also the recording/seeing operations too.

The integration of internet technology in wireless surveillance camera methods has proven to be a really critical development since it allows remote viewing of regions being tracked. This suggests you can make sure to be to the other side of the planet and you can still have a clear perspective of what’s going on in your home or office. Motion-detection abilities are also another common characteristic of wireless security cams.

Prior to purchasing a specific wireless surveillance digicam, first you need to measure the regions that need surveil as several types of cameras function very well under particular states. For instance, if you want to place a camera in your front yard, you may want to look for characteristics like low-light and weather-proofing tracking capabilities.

Of course a radio surveillance camera is not without its minuses. Being a real wireless apparatus, it nevertheless requires a source of power in the type of rechargeable batteries – this implies that there are going to be time window in which you could not use your cam and something vital could happen at that minute. Another drawback is signal interference from many other electronic devices , which can affect video quality.

While turmeric is very well known in the kitchen as a spice to make curry-based dishes, its medicinal properties will also be worth noticing.

If you are wondering why you can find so many health advantages of turmeric, the secret lies supporting the substance known as curcumin. While the roots of the turmeric plant are floor and extracted, curcumin is created and it can be used as a highly effective remedy for arthritis. The pains associated with arthritis are due to an enzyme known as cox 2 as well as the extract can successfully block this enzyme.

Curcumin can be regarded as a strong antioxidant and hence it can be a worthy contender against free radicals. The synthesis of cancer cells in your body is generally attributed to free radicals that would be the natural oxidation of the human cells. It is what causes ageing, tissue injury, and a number of other forms of ailments. Free radicals can wreak chaos on healthy cells too much and eventually causes increase of cancer cells.

An enhanced cardiovascular well-being can also be included one of the turmeric curcumin health benefits. Curcumin may also help thin the blood and help prevent blood clots from happening, thus lowering the chances of getting a heart-attack, stroke, or thrombosis.

Based on previously conducted research, there is a link between the regular ingestion of curcumin and the decreased chance for developing alzheimers. This is realized by inhibiting the build-up of the protein amyloid in the brain. This could clarify simply why a good deal of elderly individuals in India have substantially less instances of alzheimer disease as compared with these from the U.s..

Since curcumin works being an antiseptic, it could effectively stop or reduce the chances of disease and make lesions heal much faster. The turmeric extract also offers antiviral and anti fungal powers that can help ease skin problems such as psoriasis, ringworm, and eczema.

Medical benefits of turmeric also disperse for the digestive well-being, especially in the safety of the liver and gallbladder. Bile is usually processed in such organs and when they’re overloaded, the odds of gall stone development are quite high.

If you need to begin cashing in on the various health benefits of turmeric, you should begin making it part of your own life today. It is possible to avail of the numerous turmeric supplements sold in the marketplace today, but only be careful to buy only those made by reputable makers. You should look for turmeric nutritional supplements with high curcumin content, made with all-natural ingredients, and does not contain any additives or fillers.

The speed of obesity has truly improved with an all time high today and it isn’t really surprising why many individuals continue to hunt for a magic pill that’ll solve their weight issues. Considering there are numerous products linked to weight-loss, among the most talked about today is green coffee. You might ask, why should I buy green coffee infusion? In the event that you’re a big supporter of Dr. Oz, you might already possess the solution to this.

Although there’s some truth behind caffeine’s weight loss capabilities, the real powerhouse in charge of shedding those extra pounds is the antioxidant known as chlorogenic acid. Additionally it is able to give a sense to you of fullness longer and more secure energy levels.

Green coffee beans are nothing really new – they are just your normal coffee beans that did not go through the roasting process. Since they are not roasted, it packs a lot of those fat – bursting chlorogenic acid that the roasting process eliminates. Grounded on the experiment conducted by Dr. Oz, a man who got the extract lost a mean of two pounds each week.

Something that you have to consider when you need to purchase green coffee extract is the amount of chlorogenic acid it includes. After running some experiments on 100 girls, Dr. Oz has produced suggestions of a minimum of 45% chlorogenic acid. In spite of this, the physician did not wish to endorse any specific item since he didn’t need to be connected with any firm.

The following thing that you must think about before you purchase green coffee extract is the components list. Ideally, the label should have complete information on the ingredients used in making the extract. There should not be any hint of additives or fillers. Be cautious about some fly-by-night makers claiming to sell pure coffee-bean extract. To be safe, it is always wisest to buy from well-known makers.

Because the effective dosage for green coffee extract are at least 400 mg, you ought to search for products which provide this sum or more. Some items would be able to supply up to 800mg of chlorogenic acid per serving. Taking the extract is best done half an hour prior to your main meals.

In case you are pregnant or a mother, you should not buy green coffee infusion since no research is conducted that will confirm its safety. Those below 18 years of age are also advised against using it. If you really want to reduce the hazard in your part, consistently make it a place to talk with your physician before attempting any type of supplements.

Although you always have the option to buy the best green coffee extract for weight loss, it would not be good to merely rely on it solely to reach the weight you wanted. If you want to reduce weight the healthy way and keep it off, you got to make use of the supplement as well as a balanced diet and proper exercise.

The speed of obesity has truly improved with an alltime high today and why many people continue to search for a magic pill that will solve their weight problems it isn’t really surprising. Considering there are so many products related to weightloss, one of the most talked-about today is green coffee. You may ask, why can I buy green coffee extract? In the event that you’re a big supporter of Dr. Oz, chances are you already possess the answer to this.

While there is some truth behind caffeine’s weight-loss capacities, the real powerhouse responsible for shedding those extra pounds may be the anti-oxidant called chlorogenic acid. In addition it’s able enough to give you a sense of fullness longer and more stable energy.

Green coffee beans are nothing really new – they are only your regular coffee beans that did not go through the roasting process. It packs a whole lot of those fat – bursting chlorogenic acid the process removes, because they’re not roasted. Founded on the experiment performed by Dr. Oz, a person who took the infusion lost an average of 2 pounds each week.

One thing that you need to think about when you want to purchase green coffee extract is the amount of chlorogenic acid it includes. After conducting some experiments on 100 women, Dr. Oz has made suggestions of a minimum of 45% chlorogenic acid. In spite of this, the physician did not need to support any particular item since he didn’t need to be linked with any firm.

The following thing that you ought to think about before you purchase the best green coffee bean extract is the components list. Ideally, the label must have complete information on the ingredients used in making the infusion. There should not be any touch of additives or fillers. Be wary about some fly-by-night makers claiming to sell pure coffee bean extract. To be safe, it’s always wisest to buy from well known makers.

Some items would have the capability to provide as much as 800mg of chlorogenic acid per serving. Taking the infusion is best done 30 minutes prior to your main dishes. Additionally, you must remember to drink as much water as possible as this aids in the weight loss process.

In the event you’re pregnant or perhaps a mother, you shouldn’t buy green coffee extract since no research is conducted that’ll check its security. Those below 18 years are also advised against using it. If you really want to reduce the hazard in your part, consistently make it a point to consult your physician before attempting any kind of supplements.

Even though you always have the option to buy green coffee extract for weight reduction, it could not be good to only rely on it solely to reach the weight you wanted. If you want to lessen weight the way and keep it off, you should utilize the supplement as well as a balanced diet and suitable exercise. Having a diet rich in whole foods such as fruits and vegetables plus routine cardiovascular exercise will help promote optimum outcomes.

Any time veggies are the subject, moringa leaves are renowned to be a major contender in nutritional value, and thus making it strongly recommended by fitness professionals. Its elevated content of fiber, iron, potassium, vitamin A, and calcium is definitely impressive when comparing it to other veggies and fruits. The leaves are preferably consumed in powder form because this is what enables it to be effortlessly integrated into a great number of foodstuffs or meals to boost its nutritional content. Whenever planning to buy moringa capsules, it will be advisable to select traders or outlets that have an impressive standing.

Moringa leaves are considered one of nature’s best defense against cancer due to the significant amount of antioxidants that it carry. The 47 distinct antioxidants present in its leaves is probably the main reasons why it is a real threat against cancer. Zinc, copper, magnesium, and phosphorus are some of the minerals present in the leaves of moringa. Another fundamental nutrient the leaves supply are vital amino acids, which includes lysine, valine, tryptophan, phenylalanine, and leucine. Considering that valuable amino acids can’t be manufactured by the system by itself, it requires these from your diet – moringa leaves can offer this for your body.

Because the leaves are in powder form, it’s easy to include it with a lot of your preferred drink and food and in most cases without impacting its taste. Another advantage of consuming the leaves in powder form is that the system is going to have a faster time assimilating its nourishing substances. Among the best ways to immediately reap the health benefits of moringa leaves is by mixing up the powder into your most loved refreshments such as iced tea, smoothies, protein shakes, and fruit juice. You can actually feel more vigorous with the energy that moringa offers because it is not sugar-based like other beverages. It’s not at all astonishing why professional athletes and sports aficionados include moringa leaves in their diet program.

Concerning expectant mothers, the significant iron content of moringa leaves may help in the infant’s growth and it is also best-known to increase the amount of breast milk. An additional benefit of taking in powdered moringa leaves is the lowering of cholesterol levels in the body. To be able to have a healthy blood pressure and blood sugar, this superfood is a must in your diet plan. Sleeplessness afflicted people may now have a better sleep quality by adding moringa powder in their diet program. Indeed the health benefits are overwhelming and it’s time for you to buy moringa leaf powder for an improved life. As this food product is not a prescription drug, there won’t be any unwanted effects nor any chances for overdose.

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