laruska asked:

I have been raising money for an AIDS walk for a local organization. This AIDS service organization provides a food bank, counseling, support groups, testing, social services and other direct support to clients. Basic social services only.

Some doing the same fundraising have been telling people all the money goes to research and to help find a cure. This agency does NO research and has no medical or scientific staff.

They provide direct services and respite care ONLY!

Is is misrepresentation and fraud to tell people the money goes to research when it only for social services? It is individuals, NOT the organization making this claim.

Alexander the Great asked:

If people are saying that HIV does not lead to AIDS, and that it is a mis-diagnosed fraud, then what does cause AIDS? People are also claiming that neither HIV nor AIDS kills you, that it is the medication coctails.. I know that medication and vaccines are very controversial, and I don’t doubt that they are risky, but surely there must have been documented cases of people who had HIV, did NOT take the medicine coctail, progressed into AIDS, and then died, no? If people are claiming that the medicine coctail is what kills people, then why do people who have HIV and DON’T take the medicine coctail still die, or do they not? I don’t get it, the same people that say HIV does not lead to AIDS are saying that HIV can be cured within a few weeks by immune system stimulation.. If HIV doesn’t lead to AIDS, why would there even need to be any concern about stimulating the immune system, why would you worry about HIV at all?
bmwf4n4eva: Yes, but people are saying that HIV does not lead to AIDS.. apparently some top molecular scientists and biochemists around the world have this theory, including a Nobel Prize for chemisty winner, Kary Mullis.
yamnnjr: Its not the doctors who are profiting, but the medicine companies. I am not reading into anything wrong, what I read is what I am passing on to you.. Regardless, I do not believe this hypothesis either, because it is very flawed, but there is a whole organization that is trying to make a case for it.

Apparently the man credited with the discovery of HIV, Dr. Luc Montagnier, says that with a strong immune system you can fight off HIV within weeks time, and that it will never develop into AIDS. What is confusing me is that we have two conflicting views, from some I hear that HIV always developes into AIDS, and it is just a matter of time, yet from the man who discovered HIV I hear that you can completely get rid of it with a strong immune system.

grassroot66 asked:

Anyone can expand on this notion I keep on hearing about lately…?

“AIDS – The good news is HIV does not cause it. The bad news is “recreational drugs” and medical treatments like AZT do.” Peter Duesberg, Ph.D. and John Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D.

“The HIV-causes-AIDS dogma represents the grandest and perhaps the most morally destructive fraud that has ever been perpetrated on young men and women of the Western world (…) AIDS has been a disease of definition. If we said that it didn’t exist and didn’t pay for it with taxpayers’ money, it would disappear in the background of normal mortality (…)I feel that for scientists to remain silent in the face of all this doubt is tantamount to criminal negligence.” Dr. Charles Thomas, Molecular Biologist and former Harvard and Johns Hopkins Professor.

Latin Techie asked:

that has ever been perpetrated on young men and women of the western world ” ! WOW ? any comments on this ?
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Everyone know screen doors are negative and positive. Many have handles that are hard because you must make use of your thumb to press on them to handle and sometimes this can get stuck. A lot of them also possess a spring to them to be sure they close behind you, but with full hands, you will not be able to get in easily. The sole good is so folks choose to merely deal with screen door issues, and they let a wind in on a cool day.

Can you experience life? It’s not impossible if you are willing to buy magnetic screen door. Your grocery stores will never drop or must wake your sleeping child again. The magnets that allow easy accessibility to you are powerful enough to keep the doorway closed, although not strong enough to slow you down while you walk.

Pets can also wreak havoc on a screened doorway. They may leap up onto the door and rip in the screen by making use of their claws. This may create a screen door useless at keeping the bugs out of your residence. It’ll simply open to allow them to come inside where they want to get anyway, if they do. You will also eliminate the bother of needing to leave the dinner table and let the dog in and out. This really is excellent considering that most animals don’t understand that screens snap and dinner should be enjoyed.

Magnetic screen doors have an extremely uncomplicated layout. Just picture a big screen that’s split down the centre. In the middle it’s magnets that are aligned in ways that ensures they will simply snap when you walk through it shut. These magnets work as a weight to keep the door to ensure even a significant wind will not cause it flutter and to open. It keeps all insects, even tiny gnats, outside where the belong and it is easy that you purchase screen doors that are magnetic. Wouldn’t it be pleasant to have a great wind while everything you don’t want inside your home is kept securely outside of it?

You’ll also adore the reality that one is all you actually want as long as you’re inclined to take just a minute to move magnetic screen door ways from one door to another if you get it. These screens are extremely mobile plus the can be used pretty much everywhere. It is possible to place it when you go camping out, lend it to friends and family who are having a barbeque, or just swap it between one door and another in your house to catch the most wind. It is the simple, no hassle way of getting a screen if you want it to be there and where you need it.

When the idea of removing one battle in your day-to-day life appeals to you personally, then what do you have to lose by thinking about the option to buy magnetic screen door? It will get rid of the conflict of becoming inside your house with a heavy load. They have issues because of their layout, although previous variants of the magnetic screens have now been available for some time. Now, magnetic screens can’t be damaged so that they will keep bugs out.

Magnets together with gravity will not need any wires which may bend, twist, or break. There are not any tricks associated with shutting or opening the screen to keep it functioning right. You only purchase magnetic screen door and find how amazing it can be to enter your home without head aches. Why not give it a go and find out on your own?

Most people think of the car or manner of transport when it is considered by them, that they’re using. Yet, style in this instance is intended to include both the way it seems and the comfort you feel. That is where comfortable bohemian posh pants for traveling may come through for you. These slacks can be found in various styles and colours. They’re all created to make sure that you stay comfortable regardless of where your adventures take you or how long it takes you to get to where you might be getting. Are you ready to discover how fantastic you will feel while traveling anywhere?

Hippie fashion clothes which were not timid in fun and colour to wear are definitely something that individuals recall when they initially see the comfortable bohemian chic pants for journey. They are made to join hippie and Indian styles. They are also accessible in other kinds of fabric for those who do not enjoy spandex, although frequently they’re made from a polyester and spandex blend of material.

There are trousers available that resemble harem pants in daring, beautiful colours. There are American Hippie style which have colours that are solid. There are legging fashion trousers which are daring or light colored and focus drawing. Any blend of colors or styles can be yours. This really is because pattern or not every style will be appropriate for everybody on the planet. So, simply select the design you would like, be it one that fits snuggly from hip to ankle or the leggings which then have fun with all the colors and are tight all the way.

Why choose comfortable bohemian stylish slacks for journey? The reason is easy. They have no buckles or snaps for you to take care of. They have adjustment cords and elastic waists instead. They simply offer you the independence to breathe as well as the cords around the waistline allow it to be easy to correct them if they do start than you want to become a bit tighter on you. All these are simply designed in such a manner that they will remain comfortable and cool on you.

Everyone can enjoy comfortable bohemian elegant slacks for travel. Men also have fashions accessible. Some are sold as just solid colored pants and others might possess a design on them. The billow out from the waistband to the ankles to make certain relaxation whether you are lounging round the house or running errands for the loved ones. A tugboat to the midsection’s tie will further add to your own comfort level if you need it. As a bonus, there are also denim colored pants accessible without all the denim tightness.

Additionally, there are child’s designs accessible so they can likewise be comfy during school time or playtime. In fashionable clothing that suits their unique characters while they relax at home watching TV or they and all their buddies are playing outside, although they’ve all the options that the larger people in their lives have.

Some people favor zigzag while some favor a more Navajo layout patterned pants. Some people would rather have solid colors around the bottom and pick comfortable bohemian smart pants for traveling that can be worn with tops that have the bolder color patterns. The trousers that look more like an extended billowing skirt while others favor pants that fit against the ankles are preferred by many women. This is your choice. You’ve got many different manners that your bohemian slacks can be worn by you. You merely must determine what you feel while staying comfortable for you, looks fantastic on you.

How do you want to enjoy your comfy bohemian elegant pants for traveling? Are you going to wear them just for long car trips or do you want to wear them while lounging around the home. These casual trousers are ideal no matter what the day may bring the right path. They’re ideal for shopping, they are ideal for playing in the park with your children; they’re only excellent to wear anytime. Are you really ready to experience pure relaxation and clothes while you are loving attempting to appreciate life, which will not confine you?

Becoming a food photographer is not as simple as it appears – it is not just about shooting whatever thing looks edible or palatable. Food photography, just as with any other branch of photography is really all about creating pictures that don’t just record an event, but also tells your audience a story. Photography is both an art and a science, and there is a reason professionals are paid high for their services.

You’re going to have to take up the technical features, so as to become a successful food photographer. If you would like to really have a stable foundation in food photography, it’s recommended that you take a college degree up.

During the course of your photography training program, you will understand the most crucial topics you need in order to become an effective food photographer, to understand. Topics includes photography gear, elements of exposure, appropriate composition, color management, post processing, and photographic light. Business and advertising skills is also significant in case you’re planning to run a business.

As with any other type a food photographer should have a sharp sense of creativity and imagination. It is this ability to see "outside the box" that separates the amateur from the professional photographers.

When you have built a strong foundation in your understanding of photography generally, only then should you start specializing in specific areas such as food photography. As a food photographer, you’re going to have for taking photographs of food, to understand the special light techniques, props, shooting techniques, styling, equipment, effects, and composition.

There are lots of employment opportunities that await you as a Singapore food photographer – food magazines, cookbooks, food sites, eateries, catering businesses, advertising firms, and food production industries are a few examples. Bear in mind though that competition can be quite tough in this field so hence it is important to get your own style and make it stand out among the remainder.

Are you tired of paying rent on something that you will never really find a way to phone your house? If so, you aren’t alone. That is why a lot of people choose to consider the idea of a condominium instead of renting an apartment for the remainder of the lives.

Choosing to buy new condominium has many advantages over both buying a single family home and renting for life. One of the most notable things that folks love about it is they can select a variety of floor plans when they purchase a condominium which is not yet fully built. It is possible to choose how many bedrooms you want and some other options which you feel will make your life complete. That makes it perfect for the young couple who’s just starting their life families who want more space because it grew larger than they planned, as well as older couples and do not need as much space because their children are grown. Look at option here

Another bonus is the investment. When you purchase new condominiums you’re the owner of that house within that building. It is yours to decorate when life deems which you move on and as you desire to, you’ll be able to sell it so that you just get part of your investment back out of it. The value on a condo doesn’t fall as it does for most single family homes, because you move from an apartment and with it, you never collect cash.

With a condominium you also have your choice of locations. There are new condos popping up all around the world. Most of them are in vacation spots or bigger cities where space may be restricted. Instead of everyone ruining the area with a million houses and spreading out, the option to buy new condominiums allows people to build up.

Most people find possessing a condo to be an excellent thing. Each person has their own reason for feeling they made the most suitable choice in their opinion. However, it is avoided by many people as a viable option because they believe that it’s going to cost more than they can afford. These people don’t recognize this notion could not be farther from the truth. In reality, most individuals who do consider at least exploring the choice shortly understand that it’s a feasible alternative but it does depend on which you want in a home or in a condominium this instance,.

True, there is a fee for you to pay. This fee is to ensure the property as a whole is taken care of maintained. Everyone in the building pays for the upkeep and landscaping. This relieves of having to handle this task the typical homeowner, and ensures the property value will remain high. This fee is frequently lumped in together with the purchase payments in order to barely see it.

You really do considerably less per month than you would for rent to some mortgage when you purchase new condominiums. You’re simply using the choice to basically rent to own your new residence. You might have distinct leasing options to choose from and choose just what you can afford to pay on it.

Other things when you purchase condominiums that are new that may increase the price is the extras that come together with it. If you purchase a condo that has easy use of pools, spas, fitness centers, and other luxury areas within it, your cost may go up to reveal it. Each of these matters need to preserved to ensure they are kept fine looking. Everyone on the property pays for it and it ensures that you do not have to worry about other issues and vandalizing.

Commercial and residential establishments are becoming much more conscious about protection which is fairly noticeable how a revenue of surveillance camera methods have increased through the years. Security cameras come in all shapes and sizes and in various shapes too. But in terms of versatility and convenience, the wireless surveillance system stands out one of the remainder.

Having a radio surveillance camera, there aren’t any wires to fuss with and you do not have to hire a specialist only to have everything set up. Wired security camera systems take a lot of preparation and call for a lot of physical effort through the install process. These are also more prone to being vandalized or tampered, especially when the wires are not hidden correctly.

A modern wireless surveillance camera are now able to be linked to a desktop or notebook computer. This removes the dependence on a DVR (digital video recorder) since recorded events are saved straight to the computer’s hard disc. These wireless methods also include a software to facilitate its installation using the computer and also the recording/seeing operations too.

The integration of internet technology in wireless surveillance camera methods has proven to be a really critical development since it allows remote viewing of regions being tracked. This suggests you can make sure to be to the other side of the planet and you can still have a clear perspective of what’s going on in your home or office. Motion-detection abilities are also another common characteristic of wireless security cams.

Prior to purchasing a specific wireless surveillance digicam, first you need to measure the regions that need surveil as several types of cameras function very well under particular states. For instance, if you want to place a camera in your front yard, you may want to look for characteristics like low-light and weather-proofing tracking capabilities.

Of course a radio surveillance camera is not without its minuses. Being a real wireless apparatus, it nevertheless requires a source of power in the type of rechargeable batteries – this implies that there are going to be time window in which you could not use your cam and something vital could happen at that minute. Another drawback is signal interference from many other electronic devices , which can affect video quality.

While turmeric is very well known in the kitchen as a spice to make curry-based dishes, its medicinal properties will also be worth noticing.

If you are wondering why you can find so many health advantages of turmeric, the secret lies supporting the substance known as curcumin. While the roots of the turmeric plant are floor and extracted, curcumin is created and it can be used as a highly effective remedy for arthritis. The pains associated with arthritis are due to an enzyme known as cox 2 as well as the extract can successfully block this enzyme.

Curcumin can be regarded as a strong antioxidant and hence it can be a worthy contender against free radicals. The synthesis of cancer cells in your body is generally attributed to free radicals that would be the natural oxidation of the human cells. It is what causes ageing, tissue injury, and a number of other forms of ailments. Free radicals can wreak chaos on healthy cells too much and eventually causes increase of cancer cells.

An enhanced cardiovascular well-being can also be included one of the turmeric curcumin health benefits. Curcumin may also help thin the blood and help prevent blood clots from happening, thus lowering the chances of getting a heart-attack, stroke, or thrombosis.

Based on previously conducted research, there is a link between the regular ingestion of curcumin and the decreased chance for developing alzheimers. This is realized by inhibiting the build-up of the protein amyloid in the brain. This could clarify simply why a good deal of elderly individuals in India have substantially less instances of alzheimer disease as compared with these from the U.s..

Since curcumin works being an antiseptic, it could effectively stop or reduce the chances of disease and make lesions heal much faster. The turmeric extract also offers antiviral and anti fungal powers that can help ease skin problems such as psoriasis, ringworm, and eczema.

Medical benefits of turmeric also disperse for the digestive well-being, especially in the safety of the liver and gallbladder. Bile is usually processed in such organs and when they’re overloaded, the odds of gall stone development are quite high.

If you need to begin cashing in on the various health benefits of turmeric, you should begin making it part of your own life today. It is possible to avail of the numerous turmeric supplements sold in the marketplace today, but only be careful to buy only those made by reputable makers. You should look for turmeric nutritional supplements with high curcumin content, made with all-natural ingredients, and does not contain any additives or fillers.

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